April 3, 2019

Over 50 million Mobifone subscribers can now rely on improved quality of delivered services after the implementation of an active testing and service assurance platform.


Netrounds, the leading provider of software-based active testing, monitoring, and automated assurance solutions for communications service providers, announced that Vietnamese mobile network operator, Mobifone, has selected Netrounds to proactively monitor its critical network infrastructure and improve the quality of experience for its customers.

Mobifone Corporation provides a diverse range of services including mobile, data, internet, IPTV/cable TV, business solutions, infocomm technology (ICT), and investment following the countries’ considerable efforts into modernizing and expanding its telecommunication system over recent years.

Netrounds’ solution allows operators to automate assurance of the entire service lifecycle, from service activation testing, to ongoing active monitoring and remote troubleshooting when any issues arise.

Mobifone identified Netrounds as the winning solution to solve the following needs:

  • Obtaining a new level of visibility in their network by placing active traffic on the data plane in order to have  true insight from their customers’ perspective.
  • Comprehensive reporting for service activation tests and troubleshooting scenarios for each implemented Quality of Service (QoS) class in the network.
  • Multi-layer testing and monitoring capabilities from layer 2 to layer 7.
  • Automated and comprehensive remote troubleshooting when SLA violations are detected.
  • Alarms for proactive problem resolution to reduce Mean-Time-To-Repair (MTTR) and to improve customer satisfaction of delivered service quality.
  • Scalable software solutions that can grow and adapt with evolving services and network needs.

“Vietnam is among the ten quickest growing economies globally with Internet users increasing almost 30% annually. This growth certainly creates a challenge in meeting end-users' expectations of receiving uninterrupted and fault-free end-to-end user experiences. Our solution delivers real value to Mobifone by providing visibility of delivered service quality to ensure happy customers. We provide true insight into the end-users' experience, which helps Mobifone to detect network issues before their customers do. Our software brings this enhanced visibility by generating active traffic on the data plane, just like an end user.“ said Mats Nordlund, CEO and Co-Founder, Netrounds. “We look forward to working closely with Mobifone and are excited to help their network operations teams unite in a way that will allow them to find and resolve network issues, and ultimately reduce MTTR and increase operational efficiency.”

To learn more, please go to www.netrounds.com, or visit Netrounds for a live demo at MPLS+SDN+NFV in Paris, April 9-12, or the Big 5G Event in Denver, May 6-8.

About Mobifone

MobiFone Corporation operates in the fields of Telecommunications and Information Technology, Television, Distributions and Retails, Multimedia and Value-added services.

MobiFone is the first and only mobile network provider in Vietnam that was voted "Vietnam's favorite brand" by customers for 6 consecutive years. Currently, MobiFone is one of the three largest mobile network operators in Vietnam, with over 50 million subscribers, nearly 30,000 2G stations and 20,000 3G stations.


About Netrounds

Netrounds provides a software-based and fully automatable solution for active network testing and monitoring with unmatched measurement capabilities across physical and multi-cloud network environments. Netrounds is easily deployed at any location from the data center to the campus sites, measuring metrics that matters for customers, from layer 1 to layer 7. Netrounds is used by hundreds of network operators, service providers and enterprises worldwide. For further information, please visit www.netrounds.com.


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